Lait (Léna Ah-Tune)


Lait is an illustrator trying to find new adventures and quests to win everyday. You are lucky to have discovered her and that your paths crossed/are about to cross.

She's interested in art, illustration, learning new things, creating things, crafts and pretty much everything that is creating about.
Designer, illustrator, imagination, dreamer, adventurer, conquerer, her works varies from cute to really cute to hidden objects with a hint of humor because she believes that you should always find something to entertain yourself in everything you do.

Léna likes watercolor, pretty colours, feeling textures with her fingers, children's book, very soft toys, cutie doggies, polka dots, traveling, sketchbooks with pretty paper, playing MMORPG, baileys with green tea, cold pillows, paper, crafts, keeping her hands cleaned when she isn't painting, learning new exciting things, discovering, surprises, meeting interesting and smart people, birds, fishes, the smell of the night, jasmine flower and many many many other things she could be 123 lists about it.

If you'd like to get to know her or share a little thought, feel free to drop her an email at